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Freon Refrigerant Disposal



If you have an old refrigerator or air conditioner that contains refrigerant (Freon), and you want to throw it away, you must do it in accordance wit a procedure mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The purpose of the procedure is to prevent the uncontrolled release of refrigerant into the atmosphere.

Before taking your air conditioner to the dump, you must have it emptied by a certified disposal technician. Supercool is an EPA-certified company authorized to remove refrigerant of any appliance. It is illegal and environmentally irresponsible to drain a charged air conditioning system yourself, especially one that contains refrigerant. The appliances that might contain Freon are a freezer, air conditioner, and dehumidifiers.

Schedule a visit with Supercool. The procedure is cheap, fast, easy and environmentally safe.

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